Start urgent recruitment of casts (regardless of nationality).

Shop Name International Lounge Crown
Salary 2000 yen guarantee for 1 hour per month
Details will be explained at the time of the interview.
Time 8:00pm-Last
Treatment Free drop off service available
depends address
There is also a dormitory
Qualification Qualification 25 years old and over.
Bright and fun people, gentle people are welcome.
Experienced and inexperienced people do not matter.
Location Social Housen Bldg. 2F 2119-19 Hikawa-cho
Soka-shi Saitama
Contact At first please contact it willingly
Telephone: 090-3916-1800
from 8:00pm to 0:00am
Job Information Start urgent recruitment of casts (regardless of nationality).


店名 インターナショナル・ラウンジ・クラウン
店名(英語) International Lounge Crown
住所 埼玉県草加市氷川町2119-19 ソシアル朋泉20F
最寄駅 東武スカイツリーライン 草加駅 徒歩2分
電話番号 090-3916-1800
営業時間 20:00~24:00
定休日 不定休